The Race

In recent years, the reputation of the international hill climb has spread beyond the borders of Switzerland. Find here information about our interactive event map, the race track, arrival & departure and the race track opening times between Langwies and Arosa.
Arosa ClassicCar 2020 | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

The Race Track

The race track is a windy 7.3 km road from Langwies to Arosa, including 76 turns and an altitude difference of 422 metres. It is the only track in Switzerland with a downhill stretch of 1.2km.

The event area will be located around the Sports- and Conference Center Arosa. As every year it is free of charge to watch the cars along the race track. As always, this year’s event will provide fun attractions on and off the race track. If you wish to have a more exclusive view on the whole event, you can purchase a seat in the spectator stands. Follow the race in the event hall while watching at the big screens and enjoying culinary delights from the Arosa Gourmet & Events team.

Event Map

Find here the interactive event map of the race track as well as the layout of the start and finish area in Langwies and Arosa.


Alpine Performance: In this category there are no requirements* for participation in the area of licensing and therefore there is no timekeeping.

Arosa Classic Trophy: In this category the participants ride in regularity. Of a total of four races, the two with the smallest time difference will be evaluated. Driving is allowed with a maximum average speed of 80km/h. Requirements at the car and driver, see details in infosheet Licensing.

Arosa Sport Trophy: In this category the participants drive in regularity. Of a total of four runs, the two with the smallest time difference will be evaluated. There is no maximum average speed. Requirements for car and driver, see details in infosheet Licensing.

Competition: The three fastest runs are added together. Requirements for the car and driver, see details in the Licensing Info Sheet.

Competition Formula: The three fastest rides are added together. The vehicle must be a Formula car. Requirements for car and driver, see details in infosheet Licensing.

*Exception: The cars must be vintage cars according to the tender.

Shuttle bus between Arosa and Langwies | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Shuttle Bus Service

Arosa - Langwies - Arosa
Friday 01.09.2023 until Sunday 03.09.2023
Departure: Postplatz Arosa on approx. 09.35, 12.25 and 14.10
Departure: Langwies on approx. 09.35, 12.25, 14.10 

1) Postplatz Arosa, 2) Schoggirank, 3) Waterfall Litzirüti, 4) Sunnarüti, 5) Start Langwies

The times are adjusted to the transfers of the start fields from Arosa to Langwies and can be shifted depending on the course of the race.

Route Langwies station - start area Langwies - Langwies station
This separate shuttle bus will take you comfortably from Langwies station to the start area in Langwies. 

Arrival & Departure

If you wish to experience the race up close, it is best to get to the race track in Litzirüti and Langwies by foot or train.  The train ride between Arosa-Lüen/Castiel-Arosa is free for everyone with an Arosa all-inclusive card. All guests staying at least one night in Arosa, receive the card free of charge. The Arosa all-inclusive card also gives you free access to the mountain railways and the local bus.

We recommend using the Rhaetian Railway to travel from Chur to Arosa. Besides the fantastic journey through the beautiful Schanfigg valley, you also benefit from the perfect location of the train station situated in the center of the event area.

Expect delays between Langwies and Arosa from Thursday to Sunday.

Arosa ClassicCar | © Arosa ClassicCar / Rémi Dargegen

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    Cable car Arosa-Weisshorn and Hörnli-Express daily

    Urdenbahn Saturday and Sunday only

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